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Lighting Layout Design in a Remodeled Office in Houston, TX

Lighting design layout improves office workers' productivity

Houston electrical contractor Blanco Electric Ltd. is known for its lighting layout design services, and we often have interesting projects to work on. This is a draft lighting layout design proposal for a 2500 sq. ft. office to be remodeled in the Shady Acres area of Houston, on 23rd Street.

Lighting Design Layout: Project Scope

The open-floor space will be partitioned in 3 separate areas using movable Plexiglas elements:

● An executive office with 3 desks.

● A main floor, with 14 desks.

● A conference room, with 8 chairs and a conference table.

The open space office will be lit by ceiling-mounted full-spectrum LED light bays, but every workstation is to be lit individually.

The office has large window bays but due to its position (ground floor) only limited light enters the windows. Also, the westward exposure of the window bays limits light in the morning. This has to be offset by the lighting layout design so that the whole space can remain very well lit all day long.

Our proposal uses research on lighting techniques to explain how the lighting layout ensures that the workstations remain well lit at all times in a soft light. The lighting layout design also ensures that computer screens are not directly hit by ceiling lights, and add desk-mounted task lighting.

The conference room lighting layout is to be softer and more intimate.

The client prefers a minimalist style, and only LED lighting can be used.

Lastly, the office must have a security camera system covering the entire property.

1. Executive office with 3 desks

Task Lighting: Modern architect lamps in white or aluminum will be used for each desk. These lamps provide focused light, reducing eye strain and improving productivity. They can be adjusted to prevent direct glare on computer screens.

Here are a couple of options:

Globe Electric 52847 Swing Arm Clamp-On Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

Ceiling Lighting: Recessed ceiling LED lights will be installed in a grid layout, ensuring even distribution of light across the room. These lights will be controlled separately from the main floor and conference room lights, allowing for adjustments based on the natural light entering the office. The lights will have a color temperature of around 4000K, which is considered neutral white light.

2. Main floor with 14 desks

Task Lighting: Similar to the executive office, modern architect lamps will be used for each desk.

Ceiling Lighting: Recessed ceiling LED lights will be installed in a grid layout, ensuring even distribution of light across the room. These lights will be controlled separately from the executive office and conference room lights. The lights will have a color temperature of around 4000K to 5000K (neutral to cool white light) to ensure the space is well-lit.

3. Conference room

Ceiling Lighting: Dimmable LED lights with a color temperature of around 3000K (warm white light) will be used. These lights will be installed in a circular or oval layout around the conference table to create a focal point and a more intimate atmosphere.

These lights will be controlled separately from the main floor and executive office lights.

4. Security camera system

A security camera system with motion sensor and break-in detection will be installed. This system will include:

Cameras: Cameras with motion detection capabilities will be installed at key points throughout the office. Options include the Arlo Pro 4 or the Ring Security Cameras.

Motion Sensors: Motion sensors will be installed at all entrances and exits, as well as key areas within the office.

Alarm System: An alarm system will be installed to alert in case of a break-in.

Control Panel: A control panel will be installed to manage the security system.

Materials Needed: Modern architect lamps, recessed LED lights, dimmable LED lights, wiring, switches, dimmers, security cameras, motion sensors, alarm system, and control panel.

5. Supporting research

Our lighting layout design proposal is based on scholarly research.

"Impacts of Dynamic LED Lighting on the Well-Being and Experience of Office Occupants" by Rongpeng Zhang et al. (2020) (

This study found that dynamic LED lighting, which varies in illuminance and color temperature throughout the day, can have positive impacts on office occupants' alertness, mood, and overall well-being. It suggests that dynamic lighting could be a potential solution to reduce the natural feelings of sleepiness during the workday.

"Task-related Luminance Distributions for Office Lighting Scenarios" by S. Babilon et al. (2021)


This research found that when office workers were given control over their lighting settings, they preferred locally increased illuminance levels at their task performance area. This supports the use of task lighting in office environments.

"High Salinity Reduces Plant Growth and Photosynthetic Performance but Enhances Certain Nutritional Quality of C4 Halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. Grown Hydroponically Under LED Lighting" by Jie He et al. (2021) (

Although this study focuses on plant growth under LED lighting, it demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of LED lights in different environments, further supporting their use in office settings.

Important note: This working document is published for informational purposes only. Do not re-use or reprint for any reason whatsoever.

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