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Belco is a family-owned and operated commercial electrical engineering, contracting and service company in Houston. Our licensed and insured team specializes in the design/build of commercial and light industrial spaces, including offices, warehouses, machine shops, welding shops, retail, ground up and tenant build-out. We also specialize in Lighting and Pole repair.

Belco Company History

In 2005, the Blanco brothers partnered to create Blanco Electric – now known as Belco. With no formal business training, Marco, Alfredo and Raul set out to develop an industry-leading business with their hard work, determination and grit. After saving capital from their 401k plans and from small residential projects on the weekends, the brothers were ready to draft up their partnership and make the company official.


In the beginning, Alfredo and Raul handled all the field work while Marco completed the estimating and project management side of the business. Working out of Marco’s living room, their sister Dulce answered phones and helped with accounting, marketing, purchasing and HR.


The brothers quickly grew the business to include their entire immediate family: brother Leo, father Marco Sr., sister Malissa and several cousins and uncles. Today Belco employs over 100 people and has an annual revenue of over 13 million with very aggressive growth plans. In 2016 alone, Belco’s estimation team nearly tripled and they have set their sights on 20 million in sales for 2018. Houston Lighting and Pole Repair 


To create value for our customers, to provide growth opportunities for our team members and to promote a win-win business philosophy and culture.

The BELCO Promise

Team Belco strives to create value for our clients by creating safe work environments and completing projects on time and within budget. Cultivating strong relationships and prioritizing communication and attention to detail enables us to anticipate and meet our clients' needs.


Belco's vision details the long-term direction of the company:


  • Be the most elite company in Texas that provides the highest quality electrical installations and service


  • Create Value. Through safe environments and reputable, high quality work, we build and maintain strong relationships.

  • Generate Opportunities. We promote a safe working environment that affords opportunities for growth and enables team members to achieve financial goals. Our culture encourages creativity, new ideas and skill development.

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