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Lighting Layout and Photometric Designs - Fashion Store Project

Simple ceiling lighting layout in a retail store

Houston electrical company Blanco Electric Ltd was consulted to handle the lighting layout and photometric design of a 3500 sq. ft. fashion store to be located in a loft inside a remodeled industrial building on San Jacinto St, Houston.

The goal of the owners of the new fashion store is to create an upscale, luxurious atmosphere that blends post-modern industrial and art deco styles, while also highlighting the unique architectural features of the loft and creating focal points to showcase your merchandise. The owners want to use state-of-the-art LED technology to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability.

The following describes the project proposed by Blanco Electric.

Lighting Layout: Project Data

Architectural features: Walls are red bricks. The loft has multiple large ground to ceiling window bays, encased in black iron braces. The ceiling of the loft featured wall-to-wall iron beams with rivets. The flooring is reclaimed hardwood.

Merchandise: The store carries local designer clothes, brand-name handbags, brand-name shoes, silk scarves, local designer baubles and accessories.

Aesthetics: The store must have an upscale and luxurious feel, with contrasting warm, neutral and colder (teal) areas. A blend of post-modern industrial style and art deco style.

Technical constraints: For operating cost and sustainability issues, the lighting layout must favor LED technology over any other type of lighting.

Lighting layout: Project scope

We outline here how our lighting layout and photometric designs will enhance the fashion store appearance under 3 main aspects:

A- Visual appearance of the space

B- Creating focal points in the space

C- Creating a variety of moods and atmospheres

A- Enhancing the Visual Appearance of the Space

We propose to use a combination of lighting techniques to enhance the visual appearance of the space, using the distinct architectural features of a post-modern industrial environment.

Highlighting the red brick walls: Use wall grazing lighting fixtures to emphasize the texture of the brick walls. This lighting technique uses a narrow beam of light to highlight surface irregularities, creating a dramatic effect.

Accentuating the window bays: Use LED strip lights around the window bays to accentuate their shape, draw attention to the natural light during the day, and provide a soft glow at night.

Illuminating the iron beams: Use adjustable spotlights to illuminate the iron beams on the ceiling. This will not only highlight the industrial architecture but also create an interesting play of light and shadow.

Accenting the hardwood floor: Use floor lamps or low-level lighting to highlight the texture and color of the reclaimed hardwood floor.

Showcasing the height of the loft: Use pendant lights or chandeliers that hang from the ceiling to draw the eye upwards and emphasize the loft's height.

Creating a dynamic lighting scene: Use programmable LED lights that can change color and intensity to create dynamic lighting scenes that can be adjusted throughout the day.

Highlighting architectural details: Use accent lighting to highlight architectural details such as archways, columns, or unique features of the loft.

Creating depth: Use a combination of direct and indirect lighting to create depth and add visual interest to the space.

Enhancing window displays: Use spotlighting to highlight window displays and attract attention from outside.

Creating a welcoming entrance: Use a combination of overhead and wall lighting at the entrance to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Materials needed: Wall grazing lighting fixtures, LED strip lights, adjustable spotlights, floor lamps, pendant lights or chandeliers, programmable LED lights, accent lighting, direct and indirect lighting fixtures, spotlighting, overhead and wall lights at the entrance.

B- Creating Focal Points in the Store

We plan to create focal points throughout the store to showcase your merchandise. The luminance values for the highlighted areas will be approximately 5 times higher than the average illuminance of the store to attract shoppers' attention.

Highlighting clothing displays: Use track lighting with adjustable heads to highlight clothing displays. This allows for flexibility as displays change.

Accentuating handbags and shoes: Use display case lighting or under-cabinet lighting to illuminate handbags and shoes. This will make these items stand out and attract customers' attention.

Illuminating silk scarves: Use light boxes or backlit displays to illuminate silk scarves. The light will shine through the fabric, showing off the patterns and colors.

Showcasing accessories: Use pinpoint spotlights to highlight jewelry and other small accessories. This will draw the eye to these items and make them sparkle.

Creating a checkout highlight: Use a combination of overhead and task lighting at the checkout area to create a focal point and ensure this area is well-lit for transactions.

Highlighting new arrivals: Use spotlighting or backlit displays to highlight new arrivals and draw customers' attention to these items.

Creating a feature wall: Use wall washing lighting to create a feature wall where the store owners can display seasonal items or special collections.

Enhancing fitting rooms: Use flattering, warm lighting in fitting rooms to make customers feel comfortable and look their best.

Creating interactive displays: Use interactive lighting that responds to movement or touch in certain display areas to engage customers and create a unique shopping experience.

Highlighting store layout: Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to guide customers through the store and highlight different areas.

Materials Needed: Track lighting fixtures, display case lighting, under-cabinet lighting, light boxes, backlit displays, pinpoint spotlights, overhead lights, task lights, spotlighting, wall washing lighting, interactive lighting, ambient lights.

C- Generating Various Moods and Atmospheres

Blanco Electric proposes to use different lighting techniques and color temperatures to generate various moods and atmospheres and break down the large open floor plan into several zones. The luminance values for these areas will vary depending on the desired mood and atmosphere, but will generally be lower than the focal points to mark a difference with the latter.

Creating an upscale, luxurious feel: Use warm white LED lights in areas where the owners want to create a sense of luxury and comfort, such as seating areas or fitting rooms.

Creating neutral areas: Use neutral white LED lights in areas where accurate color representation is important, such as around clothing displays or checkout areas.

Creating colder (teal) areas: Use teal color filters over LED lights in areas where you want to create a cooler, more modern feel, such as window displays or accessory areas.

Blending post-modern industrial and Art Deco styles: Use a combination of industrial-style fixtures (such as metal pendant lights or exposed bulb fixtures) and Art Deco-style fixtures (such as geometric chandeliers or wall sconces) to blend the two styles.

Creating zones: Use different lighting techniques (such as ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting) and different light levels to create distinct zones within the store. This can help break up the large open floor plan and guide customers through the space.

Creating a cozy atmosphere: Use dimmable lights in certain areas to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This could be particularly effective in seating areas or fitting rooms.

Creating a bright atmosphere: Use bright, cool white lights in areas where the owners want to create a more energetic atmosphere, such as near the entrance or checkout area.

Creating a dramatic atmosphere: Use high-contrast lighting to create a dramatic atmosphere in certain areas, such as window displays or feature walls.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere: Use soft, warm lighting in areas where the owners want to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere, such as seating areas or quiet corners of the store.

Creating a playful atmosphere: Use colorful LED lights in areas where the owners want to create a playful, fun atmosphere, such as in the children's section or near interactive displays.

Materials Needed: Warm white LED lights, neutral white LED lights, teal color filters, industrial-style lighting fixtures, Art Deco-style lighting fixtures, ambient lights, task lights, accent lights, dimmable lights, bright, cool white lights, high-contrast lighting, soft, warm lighting, colorful LED lights.

Photometric Studies

Throughout the design process, Blanco Electric will conduct thorough photometric studies to ensure optimal lighting conditions. These studies will involve the use of photometric data to determine the performance of each luminaire and make informed decisions about the type, quantity, and placement of light sources.

Blanco Electric will also conduct photometric design analysis to ensure that the final lighting layout delivers uniform illumination, visual comfort, and energy efficiency.

About Blanco Electric Ltd

Blanco Electric Ltd has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. We specialize in commercial lighting and understand the critical role that lighting plays in enhancing productivity, attracting customers, and showcasing products.

Our comprehensive design process involves a thorough needs assessment, careful selection of light sources, precise photometric calculations, and iterative evaluation and refinement to ensure that the final design meets your desired criteria for visual comfort, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and compliance with Houston city code and Texas law.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring our expertise and commitment to excellence to your project.

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