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Continuing Education and Industry Resources 

Are you someone who is ready to work, learn and grow to become a leader in the commercial electrical industry in Houston? If so, Belco is seeking motivated, career-minded individuals like you to join our team. Partnering with you, we invest in your education, enabling you to learn skills and have the support of a team to grow and become an:

  • Apprentice

  • Journeyman

  • Master Service Technician

  • Foreman

  • Service Driver

  • Project Manager

  • Estimator

  • Engineer

  • Business Owner

Don’t find yourself in a dead-end job where you do something you dislike and work crazy hours every day. At Belco, you’re not just another number, you’re a respected member of the team and our family, where we work hard and play harder with one vision.

Education Resources

Continued Education Class Flyers

“The Apprenticeship Program is a good opportunity to invest in yourself, and Belco provides a great support system to help you continue your education and excel in your department.”

―Oscar Ortiz, Designer (1st year, Apprenticeship Program)

“The apprenticeship program is an amazing thing. In the field we learn how to install the physical components required to make a functional electrical system, while in the school building we learn why we do what we do in the field and how it all works. It teaches us how to navigate the National Electric Code (NEC) book and understand what we read in it. This program also prepares us for taking the journeyman test. I started the program after being in the electrical field a year. You do not realize how much you do not know about this profession until you sit down and start your first year. It was because of this program that I was ready and able to take my journeyman test right at four years in this profession and pass on my first try.”

―Kenneth Milburn, Service/Thermo Tech (4th year, Apprenticeship Program)

“I remember when I first talked to Mr. Marco Blanco during the onboarding process. Because I had less than three years of experience, he told me that if I wanted to work for Belco, I had enroll into the Independent Electrical Contractors apprenticeship program. Well, that made it official for me. I really wanted to work for Belco and I had been wanting to go to IEC. I just had been putting it off until then.

When I finally went in to enroll, I went in to speak with Mr. David Stump, the training director. I had a few questions for him about the program. He reassured me that even though I had two and a half years under my belt, I was doing the right thing; That if I really wanted to go up to that next level, I had to go through the program. He said that even journeymen join the program. So here I am.

I have just passed my first semester with a 92 average. The program is not that bad. The homework had quite a bit of reading and plenty of questions to answer. It really helps that our instructor gives enough quizzes to keep the material fresh so I can see what I need to work on. I have learned a lot in this short period of time and am really looking forward to learning more. I truly am glad that I am going through IEC. This is definitely going to give me that boost in my electrical career.”

―Juan De La Rosa, Apprentice (1st year, Apprenticeship Program)

Safety Training Videos

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Belco ladder safety video
Belco Fall Protection video
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