Our history!

The company was created by three brothers, Marco Blanco, Alfredo Blanco, and Raul Banco. It began with our sister Dulce answering phones from Marco's living room while Alfredo and Raul conducted all the field work. Marco handled the estimating and project management and with Dulce's help the accounting department was created as she built and managed, AR, AP policies and procedures.

With a lot of hustle we quickly grew our business and before we knew it had our entire family working in the same company. We hired our our brother Leo, father Marco Sr, sister Malissa to run and manage HR and lots of cousins and uncles in the industry.

Today BELCO employs over 90 people and has annual revenues of over 7 million with some very aggressive growth plans. This year BELCO went from having three estimators to eight with our sights set on a 20 million sales year in 2017.

Hobbies outside the company.

Softball team and volleyball teams, Charity kick ball tournament, fishing trips, Christmas party, lake & river trips, regular office BBQ's, fish fry, movie nights, family day at Schlitterbahn Galveston, charity work, BBQ's fundraiser, food drives, toys for tots, beach clean up, paint balling, BBQ's at the lake and riding jet skies


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