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Design build services in Houston TX


"Design-Build" services are a specific project delivery method in the electrical contractor and engineering industry where a single electrical contractor provides both the design and construction services.

This approach streamlines the project management process, fosters collaboration, and often results in cost and time savings.

Electrical contractors that offer design-build services like Blanco Electric Ltd. are responsible for the entire process, from the initial concept to the project's completion.

What are the main design-build activities of an electrical contractor?

A Houston commercial electrician or electrical contractor offering design-build services is responsible for:

  • Designing,

  • Planning, and

  • Overseeing

the installation of electrical systems in various types of projects.


As electrical contractors, we collaborate with architects, civil engineers, and other construction professionals to ensure the seamless integration of electrical systems into the overall project.

Planning the design of a server room in Houston TX

10 examples of Design Build projects we undertake:

1. Industrial plant electrical system design:

​Our firm designs and implements the entire electrical system for an industrial facility, including power distribution, control systems, lighting, grounding, and backup power systems.

2. Data center design and construction

We are responsible for designing and building the electrical infrastructure for a data center, including power distribution, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, backup generators, cooling systems, and energy management systems.

3. Hospital electrical system design

​Blanco Electric designs and installs specialized electrical systems for hospitals, including emergency power systems, patient monitoring and life support systems, and energy-efficient lighting and control systems.

Design Build services in Houston TX involve using renewable energies when possible - Here

4. Renewable energy system integration

​Our electrical engineering division designs and oversees the installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and energy storage systems into existing or new buildings, ensuring seamless integration with the electrical grid and other building systems.

5. Commercial building electrical system design

​As electrical contractors, Blanco Electric designs and implements the electrical systems for commercial buildings, such as office complexes, shopping centers, or hotels, ensuring energy efficiency, safety, and compliance with local regulations.

6. Residential complex electrical system design

Blanco Electric designs and installs electrical systems for multi-unit residential complexes, including power distribution, lighting, security systems, and home automation systems.

7. Educational facility electrical system design

Our firm can design and implement electrical systems for educational institutions, including power distribution, lighting, audiovisual systems, and energy management systems, ensuring the safety and functionality of the facilities.

These examples illustrate the wide range of design-build projects that an electrical contractor like Blanco Electric can undertake for your company. In each case, our firm would be responsible for the entire process, from the initial design and planning stages to the installation and commissioning of the electrical systems.

Educational facility lighting is a target for energy savings - Belco Houston TX 450.jpg

What are the main activities of electrical contractors offering design-build services?

1. Project consultation

​Discussing the project scope, requirements, and goals with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their needs and expectations.

2. Concept development

Creating initial design concepts and layouts that meet our clients’ needs and align with any regulatory requirements.

3. Detailed design

Refining the concept through the development of detailed design documents, including engineering drawings, and specifications.

4. Regulatory approvals

Obtaining necessary permits and approvals from Houston authorities (and other cities too) and regulatory bodies.

5. Estimating and budgeting

Preparing cost estimates and project schedules to help our clients understand the financial and time implications of the project.

6. Implementation phase management

Overseeing the implementation process to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and according to the approved design.

7. Quality control

Implementing quality control measures throughout the process to ensure that the final deliverables meet the required standards.

8. Commissioning and handover

Ensuring that completed projects meet our clients’ expectations and requirements before handing them over.

Blanco Electric Ltd Co (Belco) is a family-owned and operated electrical contractor based in Houston, Texas. Established in 2004, Belco specializes in providing a wide range of electrical services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients in the Greater Houston area. Our team of skilled commercial electricians and professionals are dedicated to delivering quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Belco offers a variety of services, including new construction, design-build, renovations, tenant improvements, and maintenance for electrical systems. We have a long experience of working with clients across multiple sectors, such as healthcare, education, retail, office spaces, and manufacturing facilities. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of electrical work, from installing energy-efficient lighting systems and backup generators to setting up electrical panels and wiring for new buildings.

In addition to our primary commercial electrician services, Belco also specializes in the installation and maintenance of low-voltage systems, such as fire alarms, security systems, access control, and data and communication networks. Our commitment to staying current with industry standards and technological advancements allows us to provide tailored solutions for our clients' unique needs.

Blanco Electric focuses on safety, quality, and timely project completion. This has earned us a strong reputation in the Houston area. Our experienced team of commercial electricians strives to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing reliable electrical contractor services that meet and exceed expectations.

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