Marcos_Blanco, CEO_BELCO_Blanco_Electric, Houston, Texas
Marco Blanco
President / Head of Project Management/Project Manager

As President of Blanco Electric Ltd. Co., I handle the daily operations and management of the company. Along with these duties, I play an integral role in facilitating the estimating, design, and management of all of our projects. I have taken a hands-on approach to the management of the business as well as to the management of our Design/Estimating/Project Manager Team. I am completely dedicated to the success of the business and recognize the impact that the success of our clients has on our business. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at (281) 386-6854 or via email at



Phone: 713.686.6767

 Fax: 713.686.7313


915 Lehman Street, Houston, Texas 77018 

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